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I love love love watching movies and I also love sex! And most of what I learned about sex, I learned from movies, but is that a reasonable or sensible thing to do? Which are the good movies to watch? Which are the hot hot mainstream movies and what can they teach us about sex?

This blog is a catalogue of my favourite movies that discuss sex – why I like them (or don’t like them) and what I learned (or didn’t learn) from them! It’s also a chance for me to learn and rant about feminism and queer representation in movies, and how the portrayal of women – cis and trans – has changed over the decades that we have been making movies.

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The poster for Anatomy of a Fall showing Samuel's dead body on the snow with Sandra and her son standing by looking shocked

I have had so much fun writing about musicals and horror movies, teen movies and science fiction, drama and erotic thrillers. I’ve collected together movies with hot sex scenes and inspiring women (both are in The Thomas Crown Affair!). I’ve written about non-monogamy, kink, the impact of #MeToo, the ever present hold of the patriarchy. I’ve written about some excellent movies and some really pretty bad ones. And I have had so much fun!

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Like what you’ve read? Think you can do better?? Or is there a movie that you want to praise or rant about or just tell people how important it is to you? I’d love love love posting guest posts, especially from folks with different voices and different life experiences from mine, so check out the instructions here and I can’t wait to hear from you!