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Eyes wide shut

SEX SCORE: 3/5 (This passes the Bechdel test, just. I have a long standing teenage crush on Tom Cruise so would fuck the cast and this movie inspired many sex party based fantasies BUT it’s hardly sex positive and not that rewatchable.)

Cruel Intentions

SEX SCORE 4/5 (Always rewatchable and I had long, extensive fantasies about fucking the cast. It easily passes the Bechdel Test thanks to conversations about school and reputation BUT I can’t convince myself that it’s sex positive…There’s too much homophobia and shame.)

The Thomas Crown Affair

SEX SCORE: 4/5 (Fuckable cast – Brosnan is at his hottest and Russo is literally on fire; sex positive themes; definitely a source of fantasy material – I even wanted to fuck on marble stairs because of this film; endlessly rewatchable BUT fails the Bechdel test. Shame.)