I love love love watching movies. I have done my whole life – action movies, rom coms, historical fiction, science fiction…everything and anything!

I also love sex. I love sex! But I only really discovered how much and in how many hot and horny ways in the last five years or so. I hadn’t experienced enough to know what I wanted. Instead I used movies to answer questions or demonstrate what sex should be like. Movies with good sex scenes became everything to me!

But is that a reasonable or sensible thing to do? And which are the good movies to watch? Which are the hot hot mainstream movies and what can they teach us about sex?

This blog is a catalogue of my favourite movies that discuss sex – why I like them (or don’t like them) and what I learned (or didn’t learn) from them!

And I’m giving each movie a score out of five – my ‘sex score!’

The movie could score a point for a positive answer for each of these five areas:

Cast fuckability: simply, do I want to have sex with the cast?
Sex positive themes: does the movie actually like sex or is it just a plot point or weapon? Does it show sex work or sex in a positive way or is it judgemental?
Source of fantasy material: not all movies that include sex, um, inspire me or provide building material for fantasies. But if there’s an idea or even just an image or a flash of magic that I can’t forget, it gets a mark!
Bechdel test: although passing this test does not guarantee that it is a feminist movie, it is a low enough bar that I think it’s worth noting if it fails! So, are there two named female characters? Who talk to each other? About something other than a man?
Rewatchable: I watch movies a lot, and over and over again. So would I watch this again if I saw it on TV?

Bring. It. On!

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